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Innovate or risk loosing you margin!
22 May 2012
When Kamanchi was founded in May 2002 no-one had heard of Facebook, the cloud or LinkedIn but these innovations have now changed how we all do business,

Those staffing firms which have survived and thrived over the past decade, particularly during the difficult years after 2008, are the ones with scaleable processes who have embraced technology and all that it can help a business to achieve.

At the end of the day clients, candidates and consultants donít care what IT platform you are using. They are concerned with functionality and ease of use, Business owners and managers need to continually deliver as expectations continue to rise. At the same time they need to ensure that they getting good quality commercial and management information and keeping an eye on the next market innovation Ė itís a big ask. For 10 years weíve helped staffing businesses to help their candidates find jobs.

While no-one knows what the market will look like in 2022 itís...

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